To make payments in CleanSuite, you can use various forms of payment like cash, checks and credit cards. However, in addition to the ones provided, you may want to add your own forms of payment, such as Barter, Electronic transfers, Gift cards or additional types of Credit cards.


To add new forms of payment click on the menu Change - Forms of payment

Add F5

Click on Add F5 to add a new form of payment. Type Barter, Gift card etc.
If you're entering a credit card, type the name of the card and click on the check box in the Credit card column, enter the code in the Card type column and the first digit of the card number. If you don't know the Card type code, call CleanSuite.

Delete F6

Click on Delete F6 to delete a form of payment.

The program must replace a deleted form of payment with another one. When you are asked which form do you want to replace this with, select one of the remaining forms of payment. For example: if you have two forms of payment, one for Barter and another for Trade, when you delete Barter, you could select Trade as the replacement (or cash or coupon or any other form). This will replace all the "Barter" payments you've made, with "Trade". If you want to change the name of an existing form of payment, simply type over the existing name. OK / Cancel Press F12 to save, Esc to exit without saving your changes. When new forms of payment have been added, they're accessible in four places. 

  1. Command Line - Type P for Payment in the Command Line and enter the amount in the appropriate form of payment.

  2. On account - Type O for On account in the Command Line and enter the amount in the appropriate form of payment.

  3. Batch payment - Type B in the Command Line. There is an additional button under the Discover button. Type the letter O for Other form of payment to select another form of payment.

  4. Cash register reconciliation - In the Cash register reconciliation form type O for Other forms of payment and enter the appropriate amounts.

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